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What is Evensong?

Evensong Explained - W.K. Lowther Clarke, London: SPCK, 1922. A lucid and concise introduction to the history and liturgy of the Evensong service.

Liturgy bits: a spotter’s guide to Evensong - Gareth Hughes. Extended definitions of the different types of Evensong: Choral, Sung, Said, Solemn, Festal.

The British choral tradition: an introduction - Bob Porter (Bachtrack)


Why is Evensong a Good Thing?

Nico Muhly on Why Choral Music Is Slow Food for the Soul - Nico Muhly (New York Times)

Apostates for Evensong - Very amusing, yet brilliant, article (from Australia!) on why we need Evensong.

In the Still of the Afternoon - Simon Scott Plummer (Tablet). A meditation on the benefits of Evensong.

Sacred song, and where to find it - Rupert Sheldrake (Resurgence)

Choral evensong is one of England's richest traditions - Tom Service (Guardian)

Looking for Britain’s future leaders? Try evensong - John Bingham (Telegraph). A discussion of the rising popularity of College Evensong amongst Oxford undergraduates.

The joy of evensong - Dr Jonathan Arnold (Spectator)

9 Reasons to Keep the Church Choir Alive - Jonathan Aigner

If religion exists to make raids into what is unsayable, musicians penetrate further than most - Giles Fraser (Guardian). A thoughtful plea in support of church music.

Research demonstrates benefits of corporate singing as new website highlights choral evensong - Anglican News

The Atheist’s Favorite Service: The Wonder of Choral Evensong - Heather Teysko

Choral Evensong - Liz Wilson. A personal, inspiring reflective blog post on Evensong. And you can read another of Liz's pieces, written straight from the heart, here.

The Sound of Music - Rupert Sheldrake (Theos Blog)

Home listening: the joys of evensong, on disc, online and on Radio 3 - Stephen Pritchard (Guardian)

"I spent two years walking to every cathedral in England – and made some incredible discoveries" - John Selborne (Independent)


BBC Radio 3's 'Choral Evensong'

90 years of Evensong: Thank God for the BBC’s longest running show! - Stephen Shipley (Cathedral Music)

Illustrated Timeline of the History of BBC Choral Evensong

Sacred Mysteries: The longest-running outside broadcast on the BBC - Christopher Howse (Telegraph)


Boy and Girl Choristers

Something to sing about: the rise of the cathedral girls' choir - Sarah MacDonald (Telegraph)

The Boy and Girl Chorister Traditions Compared - Emily Freeman

What choristers can teach us about student engagement - Helen Cocks (Times Education Supplement)

Listeners' Perception of English Cathedral Girl and Boy Choristers - Howard, D.M., Szymanski, J. & Welch, G.F. (2002). A perceptual experiment designed to establish whether or not listeners can correctly distinguish between trained girl and boy English cathedral choristers when they are singing the top lines in samples of professionally recorded sacred choral music from Wells Cathedral Choir.



'Choral Evensong' on BBC Radio 4 'Sunday' programme - Dr. Guy Hayward, Sir Simon Jenkins and Dean Adrian Tauber.

"Choral Evensong", as part of the 'Science Set Free' podcast series - Rupert Sheldrake and Mark Vernon

Russell Brand in conversation with Rupert Sheldrake on Evensong and Pilgrimage - Russell Brand and Rupert Sheldrake



BBC Everyman Documentary on Evensong - Dame Betty Ridley, Winchester Cathedral Choir

Evensong Attendance Rises! - Global News Alliance Newsreel - Dean of Southwark Cathedral, Dr Guy Hayward, Dr Peter Wright


Press about this website

Independent - "Guy Hayward: Former choral scholar at Trinity College, Cambridge creates Time Out-style guide of evensong services"

Christian Today - "Why are thousands of people who've never set foot in church before suddenly showing up for choral evensong?"

Country Life - 'What to see this week: Choral Evensong"

Hampstead & Highgate - "Hampstead vicar to bless new website at church on Sunday"

Essex Chronicle - "Maldon's St Mary's church blesses laptop to herald arrival of new evensong website"

Cambridge Evening News - "Former Cambridge student's evensong website blessed in UK-wide digital ceremony"

Choir & Organ - "Churches to bless ChoralEvensong.org"

South London Press (Greenwich) - "Greenwich chapel to take part in website blessing to promote Choral Evensong services"

South London Press - "Music for all faiths or none at Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich"

Church Times - "Choral-evensong enthusiasts have new website to help them"


Academic research

Singing as one: community in synchrony - Dr Guy Hayward. My Ph.D. thesis on how group singing forms community in traditions around the world, and how the process of rhythmic synchronisation is fundamental to this. It also links choral singing with starling flocking movements and fish schooling. The final chapter is a video case study analysis of synchronisation in Gregorian Chant. This thesis, and my choral background, inspired me to make this website.

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