Hereford A5

A5 Flyer Campaign Launch for Local Publicity

12th February 2018 is launching a new initiative - a flyer campaign - to publicise Evensong more effectively in local communities.

Trinity Choir Cambridge publicity

Choir of the Month

28th January 2018

This is to announce the new 'Choir of the Month' feature of - this will feature the choir on our homepage, encourage the choir to publicise themselves in their local press that month, and mention the fact they are's 'Choir of the Month' on their service sheets during the month, and a link to a recording of them will also be made available on this website.

St John's, New Alresford

Regional Receptions - Feb-Jun 2017

2nd March 2017

As part of our Reception initiative, St Mary's, Maldon, St John's, New Alresford, and Christ Church, Southgate held their respective receptions on Saturday & Sunday 25th/26th February and Sunday 4th June. This is what happened...

Leicester Cathedral Reception 17

How to organise an Evensong Reception

6th February 2017

In Dec 2016, ran a competition for churches to win funding for running Evensong Reception events similar to last year's Receptions in Cambridge and London. One of the winners was Leicester Cathedral, so on Sun 5th Feb 2017, I travelled from London to Leicester Cathedral to witness the event they had organised. This is the first of a series of seven Evensong Receptions that will be happening over the next few months all over the country- in Portsmouth, Lancaster, Liverpool, Southwell, Barnet, and Winchester.

East London Evensong Choir 1

Is the East London Evensong Choir leading a new Evensong movement?

17th January 2017

A new choir has been started in London which not only sings Evensong exclusively, but is non-professional and changes its membership from service to service. It's called the East London Evensong Choir, and's Guy Hayward had the chance to ask Jonathan Pease, the choir's creator, a few questions about what he's trying to do...

Attending Evensong on Anniversaries

17th April 2016

Why attend Evensong on any particular day? Currently, most people go to Evensong primarily for reasons revolving around their schedule, mood, or the music list. But various types of anniversaries offer other reasons to attend. And to introduce this idea, we recommend celebrating St George's Day & Shakespeare's 400th this Saturday, 23 April, by going to Evensong.

ORNCTLCC Choir + 160 congregation

Launch of Choral Evensong "Reception" Project in Cambridge and London - 7/8th Feb

9th February 2016

On Sunday 7th & Monday 8th Feb, we launched our new "Choral Evensong Reception" scheme in Queens' College Chapel, Cambridge, and the Old Royal Naval College Chapel, Greenwich, London.

St Paul's Music Outreach - Tom Daggett

Evensong for Schools

25th October 2015

Choral Evensong is one of the richest cultural treasures of Britain. But most adults don’t know about it, and therefore neither do their children.

Hampstead Parish Church (Revd. Stephen Tucker and Guy Hayward)

Website Launch on St. Cecilia's Day

13th October 2015

This website launched with nationwide blessings at Choral Evensong services around Britain and Ireland on Sunday 22nd November, St. Cecilia’s Day.

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